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Sungrid brings an excellence in enterprise through technology leadership.

For Controling Your Energy Production

As integrator of the best possible Solutions with highest efficiency, world class product & performance warranty. The Company has been founded by entrepreneurs with a proven track record of nurturing ventures to Success & creating wealth for all stakeholders. The team has also set up Solar Farms where it is developing MW scale independent solar plants for its clients and investors – as a Project Developer.

The Current focus of the Company is, as a System Integrator – using the best solar products and technologies from around the world & offering end‐to‐end customized Solar Power Solutions for various industry verticals.

Being a project developer For independent Solar MW scale Farms, our exposure and experience enables us to provide Sungrid E P C , while Following best international practices to ensure exemplary cost‐efficiencies and turnaround times. The team is made up of Board & Management, Project Engineers, Qualified Technicians, Consultants & Liaisons, Logistic Experts and support staff. Since our founding, we have set out to redefine the role of solar companies by offering the highest level of turnkey Engineering, procurement and construction services to guarantee its investors satisfaction.

Solar Energy


Solar energy is also useful for generating electricity on a large scale and injecting it into the network, especially in regions where the meteorology provides for lots of hours of sun per year.
  • Renewable, Inexhaustible, Non-polluting.
  • Reduces Energy Imports.
  • Generates local wealth and jobs.
  • Contributes to sustainable development.
our Mission

our Mission

Whether you are an individual home owner looking for a rooftop solution, an institution determined to bring down the energy costs, or an environmentally conscious business that wants to reduce its carbon footprint and realize savings SUNGRID can design, set up and commission the required solar power system for you.


Simplicity of Solar technology makes it ideal for generating energy in rural or difficultly accessed areas isolated from the network. Solar energy offers many benefits that make it one of the most promising energy forms. Renewable, non-polluting and available planet-wide, it contributes to sustainable development and job creation where it is installed.

Consulting & Project Devolopment

We provide you with high level of support at all the stages of your solar project implementation.

Implementation and Commissioning

Our Technical team have the skills, experience and the technical know how to complete Photo voltaic projects within the scheduled deadline.

Solar Power Plant Sizing / designing

The first step in solar PV system design is sizing and most important aspect of design